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“Well then Kid, I think we’re going to have to help with this one! I have an eye for the stuff! We need a ‘mon that stands out! You know! One that has presence! If someone is going to work with the great Mogok they need that stage presence! You know something like…”

Mogok’s eyes trail over as he sees them. The ‘mon that stands out… Well he found it. Of all the Pokémon that would stand out an Onyx would be the definition of that! Oh and a Dragonair too!? Mythical. Mogok quickly scurries towards them once he sees the Onyx’s blue band. Method sighs and follows him fearing for their time.

“So you two! Roaring icebergs right? The name’s Mogok! Legendary Treasure hunter of the Team Deep Dwellers! And my partner here, Method! I’m going to keep this short. Like really short. My bud here and I were looking to make a big name for ourselves here in rift city. You know?

As Mogok continues his ramble Method picks up on the end of the other team’s discussion. It sounds like the Dragonair already has something put together. Method decides that the best thing to do now is let Mogok ramble. Knowing interrupting is all but impossible.

“…So to do that we decided to join team Roaring icebergs, because you know, Jay has style! I like how he just gets things done quickly. There’s no time to waste when you’re talking about important tasks such as this! No time at all. Which is why I’m keeping this short, anyways…”

“What is the point of this? What are you trying to say?” The Onyx snapped back in an annoyed tone.

“Right! Someone who likes to get to the point! I get that. You two. Us. Teaming up! Getting this job done before lunch!”

Method sighs. He doesn’t feel like this conversation is going anywhere. It doesn’t seem like the other team has much faith in Mogok, and probably for a good reason. Method is about to speak up and apologize when the Onyx lets out a stray thought.

“Speaking of lunch… Could really go for some zesty granite right now…” The Onyx mumbles.

“Well aren’t you in luck! I know where you can get the best granite in the region! Of course! That would cost you extra. But let’s say you help us with this little chore. And I can give you a sample! It’s a win-win!”

Mogok wasn’t lying about the ability to give her a sample. However the only sample he could be referencing felt like something a little too valuable to give up.

“Mogok are you sure you want to give her your sh…”

The Dwebble shot a glance at Method. There was a slight pause. It’s clear that he didn’t even think about the words that came out of his mouth.

“Listen! Details! We’ll figure it out!”

After a short pause he failed his arms before turning back to the other team.

“What do you say? Are you two up to it?”

Kumasi looks towards Naga. It doesn’t appear she takes the Dwebble very seriously. However it seems that she can see the logic of working together in this circumstance. Of course Naga doesn’t need any convincing. Mogok had her at the idea of free food.

“A quicker way to get to lunch AND free food as a bonus? Sign me up!” Naga exclaims.

“As long as it keeps her from complaining…” Kumasi says, turning away and rolling her neck, almost as if shrugging.

Method doesn’t let Mogok continue his ramble and quickly speaks up.

“I don’t think we ever got your names.” The Method says.

“You may refer to me as Kumasi.”

“The name’s Naga.”

“Great! Now that we’ve got that covered… Onto my excellent and exciting plan! It’s reaaal simple like. Naga. You’re legitimately terrifying to these little bunnies. So I’m going to set up this stealth rock trap right? Simple stuff. You scare the bunnies into the trap. They get hurt run away. And we wrap this up early…”

Method knows that at this point Mogok’s planning probably isn’t necessary. But regardless he doesn’t speak up. Not knowing how to tell his partner that he’ll probably not be the brains behind this operation.

“My plan was to lure the diggersby out, by trapping the bunnelby in one of Helmstok’s sheds.” Kumasi explains, looking back at Naga.

“Sure! Shed, No shed. Doesn’t matter! Details! I can set the trap up inside the shed! Teach them a lesson! You know… So they don’t come back… or… something.”

Mogok doesn’t seem to argue with Kumasi’s plan. However it takes some of the wind out of his sails. Method almost laughs at this new reaction from Mogok. It’s a first… That’s for sure. Mogok decides this is a point where he can speak up.

“At that point I should be able to go toe to toe with the diggersby. Subduing him if he becomes a problem…”

Method’s statement was just the thing Mogok needed. Clearing his throat he hopped up and down and continues.

“That’s the bulk of the legendary Team Deep Dwellers for you! I’ll count on you for the heavy lifting Method! Anything else…?”

After pondering for a while the Dragonair responds.

“That should be it.”

Mogok hops up on the Kabutops’s cloak and points ahead towards Helmstok’s farm.

“Alright! No time to waste! We should get to Helmstok’s shed! Naga! You can start that whole corralling thing. I’m sure it will take a bit to round them up. But hey! I believe in you! You’ll be fine!”

Method can only hope Mogok’s intuition about Helmstok being back at the farm is correct. With all of the teams running around trying to subdue this bunnelby he could be anywhere… As they make their way to the farmhouse the Dragonair breaks the silence.

“So! Once Naga has all of the bunnies in a group we’ll have to make sure that they don’t scatter. We can probably zone them on both sides.”

Mogok quickly hops up to try to get in on the planning.

“Sure! That makes sense! Of course I would have mentioned that but…”

Method turns towards Mogok and gives him a look. He responds with a sigh but closes his mouth.

“Don’t pay him much mind, he’s always like this. Continue.”

Kumasi took several seconds to recollect her thoughts that scattered about during the recent interruption.

“Once that diggersby shows up I can slow him down with one of my techniques. That will make capturing him easy.”

“That sounds like a great Idea, I can hold him in place for you.”

“Method and I fight all sorts of troublesome folks! We’re used to dealing with his type. Leave it to us to weaken him for you.”

“Alright, so it’s settled?”

“Of course! Don’t see any other way of doing it! The reason we came to this solution is clearly because it’s the right one! Call it fate! You feeling me on this Method?”

The Kabutops laughs. “Of course Boss.”

It doesn’t take the group long before they reach the farm. They quickly look around to find Helmstok, knowing that time is of the essence. It doesn’t take them that long before they run into him. Helmstok is talking to a few other Pokémon who appear to be in the guilds. He seems to be talking to one in particular when Mogok buts into the middle of the conversation.

“Hey! Helmstok was it? You got an empty shed?”

“Listen kid. I’m talkin’ here. Give me a se…”

“I’m sorry man. There is no time. We may or may not have convinced an Onyx to scare a hoard of Bunnelby towards what we can only assume is a shed. That you have… That’s empty.”

“You’ve done what!”

Helmstok appears to be angry at this development but given the fact of urgency. And the fact that it’s too late to stop any of this now… He starts to pace and snarl. Finally giving in.


“Thanks for your time sir! Method, Kumasi, Let’s get moving!”

It doesn’t take them long before they find the shed. After a quick inspection they realize that it will do; If just barely. Mogok takes a minute to look around before responding quickly.

“A slight amendment to my earlier plan! Instead of putting a trap in the shed; once we close the door I’ll just scatter the rocks around! That way if those bunnelby find a way to open the door they won’t get far!”

Mogok scurries up Method’s cloak and takes a seat on his shoulder. Turning towards Kumasi

“So how long do you think it will take your friend Naga to show up?”

“Once we hear the screeching…”

“Wait I’m sorry what?”

Suddenly they could hear it, wailing hollow echoes from the distance. They sounded horrifying. It was like you were deep in a Haunter’s cave. No wonder the Bunnelby were running away. Even Method didn’t blame them.

“Alright kids! Showtime!”

The Dwebble quickly hopped off of Method and hit near the shed. Method dashed to the right while Kumasi slithered to the left. Zoning would be important so that the bunnelby wouldn’t get away. It didn’t take long before they were in range. Kumasi quickly reacted by firing a dragon pulse at some of the bunnelby that tried to veer right.  Method had a bit of a harder time. Using the flat end of his scythe he knocked the bunnelby back that tried to veer to the left. As the bunnies approached the shed they decided that it was the best place to hide. There was no way that Naga could enter the shed, due to her size. So it didn’t take much convincing for them to scurry into the shed. As they did Naga wrapped around the shed closing the door with her tail. As she did Mogok quickly scurried about placing stealth rocks around the shed. Naga also knew the same technique. Once she saw Mogok setting up the stones she quickly followed suit. Scattering dangerously sharp rocks around by shaking her body.

“See! All according to my plan! Am I a genius or what?”

Kumasi, Naga, and Method all turn towards the Dwebble and stare. Mogok looks left and right quickly and clears his throat as the sounds of the Bunnelby fade into small whimpers from inside the shed. The silence doesn’t last forever as a loud angry yell can be heard from the distance. It seems that it didn’t take long for the diggersby to find out about his bunnelby. Method turned around to face the noise. Seeing a charging diggersby he quickly planted his feet and braced for the impact. The Diggersby plowed into him but Method held. Sliding back from impact Method decided to go on the counter attack, bringing his scythe up to slash at the diggersby. The Diggersby was quick though, hopping backwards before Method could get a good hit.

“Well Mogok, Looks like we didn’t have to wait long… Looks like we might not be able to finish this up as quickly as you thought!”

Method didn’t have a lot of time to crack jokes as the boulders started to fly towards him. He could take the hit fine however he didn’t think it would be a good idea. These boulders would restrict his movement and slow him down. Method quickly dodged to the side before running towards the diggersby. Method Knew that he would have to go on the offensive if he wanted to get a hit in. As Method tries to close the gap Kumasi quickly takes action. With a flash of light she uses her agility to get in striking range. Kumasi pins her body around as water forms around her tail. This takes the diggersby by surprise as she lands a solid hit. He gets staggered a bit giving Mogok time to close the gap. Mogok slides behind the diggersby wrapping his scythes around the front of him as his scythes glow green draining the diggersby of his energy.

“Now Kumasi!”

Kumasi’s tail begins to glow and crackle with electricity. As Naga sees this she calls out.

“He’s ground a type like me! Don’t you remember?!”

Mogok realizes this and quickly takes action. Scurrying in front of Naga and turning to face her.

“Naga! Hit me!”

“What are you saying!?”


“Is this some kind of joke!?”


Naga swings her tail at Mogok sending him sailing towards the Diggersby. The Diggersby breaks free of Method’s hold and his ears clasp together to strike at Method. He has no time to dodge or bring his scythes up to block. However before the Diggersby has a chance to bring down his hammer arm Mogok spins around in midair. And his shell begins to glow.


His shell shot off at high speeds nailing the diggersby on the back of the head. The diggersby held for a second as his ears drooped then falls face first onto the ground. As Mogok’s shell lands on the ground it cracks in half. Mogok lands wincing slightly due to the fall and Naga’s Strike, he starts to brush himself off as Method approaches.

“Well Mogok. I have to thank YOU this time! That could have been bad.”

The Dwebble sighs.

“Well now I’m really going to have to head back to the chasm! Where am I supposed to find more granite handy!

Naga hears this and exclaims

“Did someone say Granite!?”

Job 1 Collab - Teams: Coatl and Deep Dwellers
Collaboration between myself and my thoughtful partner :iconkronic-pmu:

We both decided to use the expressive Helmstok portrait created by :iconsrarlight:
Hope you guys don't mind, but I wouldn't be against removing it. I honestly forgot to make time to make a Helmstok portrait myself.

Here's some backstory on how Team Coatl and Deep Dwellers joined forces

Coatl Job 1 Prologue:…
Deep Dwellers Job 1 Prologue:…

and Here are our team profiles

Deep Dwellers:…
Greater Dog Demands Pets by Ankoku-Flare
Greater Dog Demands Pets
Recently finished pacifist mode in a game called Undertale. Greater dog is so adorable! I’d say it was the most memorable one for me. Here goes the fanart.

Reblog on Tumblr
Fuegon by Ankoku-Flare
Worked on a few days of the dead dragon skulls several days back. Was hoping to have them made as prints at a local store.



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