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United States
Hello, and welcome to my deviant art page. I am an enthusiast of things that are creative. I've dipped my hands into web design, game design, digital art, animation, crafts, dance, traditional art, and all that good stuff.

I'm a former administrator at a PMD Fan Game MMO

Fandoms: Pokemon, Dragon, Mythical Creatures, Monster Hunter, Minecraft, Homestuck, Earthbound Series, Undertale, Digimon, Spiral Knights and Animal Crossing

Commissions are open check out the info at


Seika by Ankoku-Flare

A fun fast paint milotic background. Ended up being used in a skin for PMUniverse’s game client. I love the colors and the traditional feel it. If you happen to play the fan-game, you can download the files here.

P.S: I got 4/5 slots open for commissions~
Pooffin' Delcatty by Ankoku-Flare
Pooffin' Delcatty
One of favorite cats pokemon. Felt like painting one up and tweak it up a bit.

Commissions are opened for more info
Reimagined PMD Guild Hall Tileset by Ankoku-Flare
Reimagined PMD Guild Hall Tileset

This tileset was originally planned to go to the tutorial area of PMUniverse the game. I had a falling out with this tileset since a lot was going through my head in 2014. I picked it up and placed it down the year after. Then I decided to finish it up today since this year has been a breath of fresh air compared to previous years.

Since I’m not attached to a single game anymore I figured I released some of my tile projects to game makers with grandiose ideas. I’d be happy to see the map work used with these tiles. I’ll admit this set is one of the more trickier ones to use.

I’m not taking request, but I’m open for commission if you need something specific for your game
Commission info here:…
Commissions: AnkokuFlare by Ankoku-Flare
Commissions: AnkokuFlare
Places to find more sample work:

Experience with Drawing
Been an avid doodler since I was 5.  It's been about 19 years of playful sketching random creatures, objects, and settings. Most fantasy creature type things I love to do was self taught at a very young age. Things like unicorns, dragons, Pegasus, dinosaurs, and anthros fascinated me. Fandoms like Disney, Don Bluth, Pokemon and Digimon merely amplified that fascination.

Experience at the digital Arts
 I discovered ms paint doodling at 2000. It was until 2002 when I started painting in Oekaki an online forum like drawing boards hosted by pokemon fans. I started to learn things from the community. And afterwards I obtained the knowledge of photoshop, open canvas, corel painter, and tablets. At 2008-2015 I volunteered my time to a fan game know as PMUniverse and did a good deal of spriting, tile work, digital art, and webpage design.

 I had Roughly around 5 years worth of different art classes. During middle school 2003-2005 I took creative writing, advanced art, and figure drawing. In high school 2006-2010 I had art, advanced art, ROP Graphic Design and ROP Animation. In college I had color theory, art history, art appreciation, and typography.

Art Programs I Know and actively use to this day:
    MSpaint (screenshots and quick sprite edits)
    Adobe Photoshop CS3-5 (pixel art, palette swaps, photo edits, effects, filters, final touches)
    Adobe Illustrator CS3-5 (Logo design, simplified design)
    Inkscape (base Logo design, simplified design)
    Sai Paint tool (sketches and speed painting)
    Krita (sketches and speed painting)
    Tiled ( mapping and tile testing)

Always look for new awesome tools at my leisure~

Where will your money go?
 - A decent business printer, and medium intuos Table: I'm working to save enough to make a small business one day. Figured I focus on getting decent equipment before I got for licenses and stuff like that. Been doing some retail on the side so inching my way towards the goal.

 - Vegan food and Products: I like to support gmo free food, and animal free products . There is great importance to keeping your gut healthy and supporting environment conscious business.

If there are any question you need answered, feel free to contact me. I'll answer them as soon as possible.

If you can't afford the service you may still help me out by spreading the word.

Thank you for reading.


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